The Kavli Centre for
Ethics, Science, and the Public

Fostering global conversations on the ethical issues raised by cutting edge science

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Major scientific breakthroughs deepen our understanding of nature and ourselves. Such discoveries have the potential to transform our everyday lives. Yet the same science that holds promise for progress often raises concerns and questions for society.

We are starting with conversations around genome editing of embryos, artificial intelligence in health research, and the sharing of Big Data.

Empowering multi-disciplinary conversations

The Centre is a unique collaboration between the University of Cambridge and Wellcome Connecting Science, with funding from The Kavli Foundation.

  • Strengthen the social contract between scientific communities and diverse publics
  • Engage public audiences at early stages in deliberating the ethical implications of science
  • Deliver innovative and creative interactions with public audiences to achieve excellence in engagement

Shared Ownership

Recognising that both ‘the public’ and ‘scientists’ are mixed groups with many communities, values and interests, the Centre will pursue new ways to build bridges between….

  • Community groups
  • Nationally representative public audiences
  • Scientists
  • Public engagement and communication professionals
  • Ethicists
  • Social scientists
  • Health Professionals

Meet the team

Director of the Kavli Centre Anna Middleton Anna Middleton Director of the Kavli Centre Associate Director of Engagement and Society at Wellcome Connecting Science. Social scientist and genetic counsellor. Entrepreneurial researcher who is driven by connecting science and society. Profile

Deputy Director and Research Lead> Sociologist Richard Milne Richard Milne Deputy Director and Research Lead Sociologist. Fascinated by how scientists and members of the public engage with controversial scientific topics and the possible futures created by new science and technology. Profile

Innovation and Translation Lead Catherine Galloway Catherine Galloway Innovation and Translation Lead International journalist in TV, radio, podcasts and print. Loves sparking conversations on the things that matter through creative storytelling and connecting diverse audiences. Profile

Sasha_Henriques Sasha Henriques PhD Student

Sasha_Henriques Jerome Atutornu PhD Student

Sasha_Henriques Ugbaad Aidid PhD Student

Sasha_Henriques Daniela Boraschi Research Assistant

Sasha_Henriques Claudette Burch Centre Administrator

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